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PREMIERES! and playlists, as promised. We hope everyone enjoyed the show! And if you missed part of it, treat yourself to the vids below. This year’s premieres and playlists are absolutely STELLAR.

Thank You's

We’d like to thank this year’s Premiere-vidders [personal profile] brainwane, [personal profile] seekingferret, [personal profile] garrideb, and [personal profile] starlady for their amazing vids. A big thank you to all of the vidders we screened! Thanks to playlist curators and those who participated in the Sing Along poll. Extra big thanks to our set-up and break-down helpers: [personal profile] prozacpark, [personal profile] runawaynun, [personal profile] meganbmoore and [personal profile] lyssie.

I would personally like to thank the Vid Party crew [personal profile] were_duck, [personal profile] futuransky, and [personal profile] sasha_feather, as well as [personal profile] chaila and [personal profile] cyborganize for behind-the-scenes collaboration and help. And finally, we’d like to give a special shoutout to our subtitle volunteers, [personal profile] violace and [personal profile] angelikitten. If you’re looking at those two names thinking, “this show is quite long, how was everything subtitled with the help of only two volunteers?” a big reason is [personal profile] angelikitten who subtitled HALF of this year’s programming.


Speaking of subtitles—although many vidders provide SRT files along with their vids for download, this has been a relatively recent development and is not yet common practice. We are including the SRT files used during Vid Party for download alongside each listing. For subtitles to appear while the vid plays, you will need to give both files identical names (keeping their respective file extension) and store both files in the same folder. We recommend VLC for playback, but particularly if you are watching with subtitles.

Please note: not all vids are available for download. And a select few are not available for streaming or download (as noted below). The majority of vidders provide download links, which can be found on their Dreamwidth or Livejournal vid posts linked below. Most vids that available as streaming-only can be downloaded with the help of a 3rd party browser add-on.

Download ALL subtitle files. ◦ Individual playlist collections available below.

And finally — If you enjoy Vid Party, if you love Vid Party, it’s because of the vidders. Please take a minute to leave comments, particularly for those premiering vids!

WisCon 39 Vid Party Premieres

WisCon 39 Vid Party Themed Playlists
WARRIOR WOMEN - chaila )
FEMININITIES - futuransky )
PREMIERES (placeholder for screening order)
FESTIVIDS SHOWCASE - Sasha_feather )
WE MUST BE A BINARY STAR - metatxt and chaila )
BEYONCÉ - kiki_miserychic )
IN IT TOGETHER - metatxt )

ETA: It looks like the links are semi-borked (they have at the beginning for some reason). I'll fix it as soon as I can, but for now simply remove that text. Apologies and thank you for your patience!FIXED!
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We are trying to have subtitles for as many vids as we can at WisCon this year––not just for the singalong show. If you made a playlist or a premiere, we asked that you subtitle if you can... We appreciate that not everyone will be able to, though. If you like subtitling (or think you might like it) and want to do some vids for us in the next few days (um, the party is a week Friday, so that would be the deadline...), drop a comment to this post and we will let you know if there are vids that need subtitles.

There's a great subtitling tutorial that Skud made, for creating .srt from text files. .srt files store the text of subtitles, and programs like VLC will play them automatically. (You can add them to video files in iTunes as well, though it's a bit more complicated.)

However, I find that Skud's method takes me forever, and in the past few months I've been experimenting with different programs to create .srt files. I have found that I am most efficient when using Jubler, with which I can now subtitle most vids in less than half an hour. So in the hope of getting more subtitles for the vid party, I am making this tutorial!

tutorial for making subtitles with Jubler. Featuring some slightly-too-large screencap images that I was too lazy to make smaller. )
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As mentioned in our info post, we'll be holding a "singalong" show as part of the Vid Party. During this show (approx. 1 hour in length) all the vids will be subtitled, so people can sing along. (As an added bonus, this also means that a portion of the Vid Party is more accessible to those with hearing difficulties or who just find it difficult to follow the lyrics while watching vids.)

This is a tutorial for people who are subtitling vids for this show, but it should be useful to anyone who wants to subtitle a vid.

First things first: there are two ways of creating subtitles: using an app or website to create them, or doing it yourself in a text editor. [personal profile] laurashapiro has a tutorial on creating subtitles using dotsub, a website that helps you with the process. This tutorial describes the other way, which I think is easier and faster -- but please feel free to use either! Whichever works for you is fine with us. Just email us the resulting subtitles file and we'll be happy!

Fanvid subtitling tutorial )

By my estimate, using this method will take about an hour or perhaps a bit more to subtitle one vid of average length (say, 3 minutes) and with averagely-fast lyrics.

If you are subtitling for the WisCon Vid Party, once you're finished please email the results to Please attach the file (don't paste it into the body of the email) or provide a link to download the .srt file.

ALSO! we are still seeking volunteers to help us subtitle vids! If you would like to help out, please see this post and give us your contact details. You don't need to be attending WisCon to volunteer!

ETA: tips for newbie subtitlers (aka things we learned the first time we tried to subtitle a vid)...

* Test out your .srt file after you've done the first verse and see how you're going. If you have any systematic problems it's better to catch them early.
* If in doubt, have the line of lyrics come in a little early rather than a little late
* If there is a musical interlude or sound effects or something, feel free to mention it in subtitles eg. "(musical interlude)" or "(laughter)" or whatever.
* The first time you do this, it can take longer than you expect. Your first vid may take ~90 minutes instead of the 60 we originally estimated. Don't be disheartened; as you get used to it, you'll most likely speed up. It also depends a lot on the lyrics of the song in question.


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