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I'm VJing a vidshow at WisCon called "Vids With Something to Say." To give you an idea of what I'm looking for, here's the description for a panel that will be associated with the show I'm putting together:

Fan videos or vids are music videos made with re-edited footage from TV shows and films. They use the combination of images and music to get a vidder's point across. That point can be a celebration of shows and characters the vidder loves, an expression of fannish opinion, or, sometimes, an excoriating critique of sexism, racism, and heteronormativity in media. This presentation is part of a multi-part celebration of vidding by WisCon members; we'll watch, analyze, and discuss some of the vids screened at the Friday night vidparty. Let's come together and discuss these vids with important things to say about science fiction, fandom, gender, race, and sexuality.

So basically I want to introduce WisCongoers to vids with themes that will interest them, but I would like also to show some vids that vid fans won't have seen a million times. WisCon is a space where the audience might not be fully vid-literate, but you can guarantee that everyone is passionate about the intersection of feminist and/or social justice politics with popular culture, particularly science fiction. Vids with a clear thesis or story are easiest for newbies, of coruse, but I don't want to shy away from vids that have something relatively complex to say; we're having the panel as well as the vidshow so that we can have time to unpack what the vids are saying.

I could very easily make a vidshow on this theme at no notice on the basis of the most played vids on my hard drive. But I'm hoping to expand my own horizons for this show, as well, and not just choose the vids I have shared a million times to explain what vidding is. I'm especially interested in vids that have something to say about aspects of kyriarchy that are less commonly addressed in vidding fandom because they aren't so well represented in our media sources: race and class for sure, and in particular genderqueer or trans concerns and disability. Recs for those are particularly welcome. I'm looking mostly for vids that are making a point rather than including those elements in a straightforward romance etc--but feel free to rec whatever feels relevant.

Thanks so much!
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We've been asked about the schedule for the vid party, so here's the plan for the big night.

9pm-10pm "Vids with a message"
[personal profile] futuransky will host an introductory vid-viewing session, looking at how fans use vids to tell stories and convey messages. If you're unfamiliar with fanvids, this will help you get your bearings. Don't miss the panel at 4pm Saturday to discuss these vids in greater depth!

11pm-midnight "Premieres"
Come see vids created especially for Wiscon. These vids have never been shown or posted online before our show! We've encouraged fanvid creators to make us vids that touch on Wiscon's feminist SF themes, so you can expect a number of fascinating vids in this session. We'll also be showing some "nearly new" vids (released since the start of 2011) that you might not have seen yet.

midnight-1am "Singalong Vids"
An hour of vids specially selected for their sing-along-ability. Bring your best singing voice! All these vids will have subtitles, so if you find it easier to watch vids with the lyrics on screen for any reason, this is also a great time to swing by and see what's on offer.

From 10pm-11pm, and from 1am til close (sometime around 2am, we think) we'll be showing a selection of vids that don't fit any of the above categories.

Ass-covering disclaimer: this schedule is subject to change. We'll post the final schedule closer to the party.
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Wiscon is an annual feminist science fiction convention held each May in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. The Wiscon Vid Party began in 2010, and starting in 2011 we will be accepting premiere vids for the first time. For more information about Wiscon and the vid party, see our general information post.

What are we looking for?

  • We welcome all fanvids in all genres and from all traditions of fannish video production.
  • As a premiere, your vid must never have been shown at a convention or posted online before.
  • Your vid should be no longer than 5 minutes in length.
  • Wiscon is a feminist science fiction convention, and we particularly encourage vids that engage with that theme, or with issues of gender, sexuality, race, disability, or class.
  • We especially welcome vids from fans who may never have submitted a vid to a convention before, or from newbie vidders.
  • You do not have to be attending Wiscon to submit a premiering vid!
  • We are also accepting 'nearly new' submissions of vids that have been posted publicly since Jan 1st 2011!


We have two deadlines for submissions:

Friday, April 1st, 2011 ETA: Sunday, May 1st, 2011: this is our "recommended deadline". We strongly encourage you to submit a vid by this date. All vids submitted by April May 1st will be included in the premieres show.

Friday, May 13th, 2011: this is our "extension deadline". We will accept last-minute vid submissions up until two weeks before the party, but can't promise to show them all. We might be overwhelmed with work, or might not have time to fit them into the schedule, or might not have time to work with you on problems, so the sooner you get your vid in (or at least let us know to expect it) the better!

There will be many reminder posts in the leadup to our deadlines, so follow [community profile] wiscon_vidparty, [community profile] wiscon, or [community profile] vidding if you want to be sure to see reminders. (We will also crosspost to [livejournal.com profile] wiscon and [livejournal.com profile] vidding.)

The vids will show on the evening of Friday 27th May, 2011, and will be posted online within a week of the show.

How to submit a premiere vid )


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