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Hi there Party People!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our poll. I think we have a clear direction for this year and some ideas for changes that may make the event more enjoyable for everyone.

Overwhelmingly, folks wanted the event to run until at least midnight, with many folks voting for even longer, 1am.

Tentatively, we’re looking at something like this:



09:10-09:2010m Intermission

Vids (closing with Sing Along)

10:30-10:4010m Intermission

Vids (closing with Dance Along)

11:45-12:0015m Intermission

late-night, bonus show (closing with Starships encore)

This would give us 3 hours of primary programming, up to an hour of bonus programming. Sing Along and Dance Along will fill roughly 45 minutes of that primary programming time.

This timeline is entirely dependent on our coordination with WisCon/SF3 and the Concourse, so it is far from set in stone. Any feedback on this proposed schedule is generally welcome.

We are taking vid suggestions for both Sing Along and Dance Along.

We are taking vid suggestions for a community-generated themed playlist
– if you send us vid suggestions, we will try and corral them into some sort of theme. This is a great option for folks who have a key vid or two that they think folks should see in the big room, but don’t have a plan for exploring a specific theme through a longer playlist. Let’s see what we can come up with!

Regarding themed playlists: folks like making themed playlists and we love seeing them! It is a wonderful and terrible challenge to the boundaries of space-time, but we always have more people interested in making playlists than we have programming time for. Going forward, we will accept ALL playlists, but only SOME will be screened. After the screening, we will post ALL submitted playlists so that folks can continue the party at home.

You may be wondering: how will we decide which playlists are screened at the event and which are posted later on? It won’t be easy! You are great at making playlists. Things we will look for, include: Does this playlist have a range of mood, tone, rhythm, etc. or is it fairly consistent in one particular vidding style? Which fandoms are in this playlist? Are they otherwise represented? And of course, how do we think this will play in the larger room?

Playlists are due Monday, April 29th and can be submitted to vidparty[dot]wiscon[at]gmail[dot]com

Playlist FAQ )

If you would like to make a playlist, please let us know in the comments below! If you know your theme, also let us know!

And of course, don't forget to let us know if you may be submitting a premiere by completing this form! We need to hear from you to ensure we have time reserved for your vid!
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Hey Party People!

Update #2 - Premieres, some organizational stuff, and of course, a poll reminder!


Premieres will be due Monday, May 13th at 11:59pm CST. I'm not sure how the time zones will work out, but this is the same date that VidUKon Premieres are due. One deadline to rule your vids!

If you are thinking about submitting a premiere, we need you to express your interest using our form below. Having a broad and detailed picture of the potential premieres allows us to have a submission deadline closer to the date of the actual event. If you sign up for a premiere and then do not have it ready, you won’t “default” or face any other consequence. This is simply a tool to help the programming team better anticipate the potential time commitment of incoming vids. Including as much detail as you are able to provide would be helpful. We will circle back with folks who have expressed interest at the end of April to check-in.

Tell us if you might submit a premiere using the Interest form. by Monday, April 22.

Submit your premiere using the Submit Your Premiere form by Monday, May 13.

Note: the "Submit Your Premieres" form now includes a checklist for warnings to make things easier on everyone!

Let me just add that we LOVE receiving premieres from regular WisCon vidders, vidders new to WisCon, and especially, brand new vidders. We have a really great audience that loves to explore new work and new perspectives.

Premieres FAQ )

Vid Party Crew updates

We are pleased to announce that warnings will now be managed by [personal profile] sasha_feather and subtitle crew will be organized by [personal profile] runawaynun. Updates on warnings and subtitle crew will be forthcoming, but if you are interested in signing up for making subtitles, please let us know!

Programming Poll

Last, but not least, we have a programming poll for folks who attended Vid Party 2018 or are planning to attend Vid Party 2019. Our current program is quite long. We have received conflicting feedback about programming length, intermissions, etc. and want to be sure everyone has a great time throughout!

We are running this poll for one week, at which point we will share the results and what, if any, changes will be made to our playlist programming. Playlist sign-ups will begin on Tuesday, April 2nd at 12pm noon CST.

If you attended Vid Party 2018 or will be attending Vid Party 2019, please vote in our poll here.


Ask in the comments here or email us at vidparty.wiscon at!
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Hi Party People!


We are considering some changes in response to feedback we have received over these past few years. If you are attending Wiscon Vid Party this year or did so last year, please fill out our brief poll below about the length of programming, the timing of intermissions, and other programming related questions. PLEASE SHARE THIS POST WITH FOLKS WHO MAY BE ATTENDING.

The poll will be open until Monday, April 1st at 12noon CST. At that time, we will be able to better assess how programming may be adapted to accommodate a shorter program.

Here are some potential outcomes of shortening the show: 1) shorter tighter playlists; 2) more collaborative playlists and fewer single-veejay playlists; 3) a single sing-along; 4) a bonus “after-party” of danceable vids or vids from past programming, tbd, if there is a dramatic split between “we want a 2 hours show” and “we want 4 ½ hour show;” 5) other options you are welcome to suggest in the poll.

Once we have results of the poll, we will let everyone know on Monday, April 1st, with playlist sign-ups opening the following day on Tuesday, April 2nd, at 12pm noon CST.

Further updates on Premieres (deadline Monday, May 12th) and admin will be posted tonight/early tomorrow morning.

Thank you for your feedback!

Poll #21669 Wiscon 43 Vid Party Programming
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 12

I would prefer if Vid Party runs from 8pm to

0 (0.0%)

0 (0.0%)

1 (9.1%)

3 (27.3%)

4 (36.4%)

5 (45.5%)

2 (18.2%)

4 (36.4%)

I would prefer an intermission after every:

60 minutes
5 (41.7%)

75 minutes
2 (16.7%)

90 minutes
1 (8.3%)

4 (33.3%)

Intermissions should last:

10 minutes
8 (66.7%)

15 minutes
4 (33.3%)

Overall, individual themed playlists are

too long
3 (30.0%)

too short
2 (20.0%)

too similar
2 (20.0%)

too many
5 (50.0%)

too few
1 (10.0%)

I would like more opportunities to submit vid requests

5 (45.5%)

3 (27.3%)

Not sure
3 (27.3%)

Last year we had Sing Along playlist AND a Dance playlist at the end of the show. Would you like to have a dance playlist again?

4 (36.4%)

2 (18.2%)

Not sure
5 (45.5%)

Are you attending Wiscon Vid Party this year?

10 (83.3%)

0 (0.0%)

Not sure
2 (16.7%)

Did you attend Wiscon Vid Party last year?

12 (100.0%)

0 (0.0%)

Additional feedback?

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Another Vid Party both vidded and partied. What a time we had sharing feelings in a dark room. To relive the glory, to share the Ah-MAZING premieres... check out our full set-list below!

Additionally, please check out our warnings spreadsheet and feel free to download our subtitle files and intertitles, as desired.

Special shout out to our subtitle team, with notable contributions from [personal profile] runawaynun and [personal profile] seekingferret: your work brings us together <3

Big shout out to our enthusiastic and talented intertitle creator, [personal profile] anoel, who stepped up and made something beautiful to tie our show together.

As always, our incredibly pink Vid Party poster was designed by [personal profile] jackshoegazer which you can check out here.

Finally, but most importantly, PLEASE leave our amazing vidders comments! They like to hear things from you all, even if it's just a "Yay! I liked this!" and we would not have anything to party about without them. <3 <3 <#

~ your Vid Party crew: [personal profile] metatxt, [personal profile] eruthros, [personal profile] were_duck, [personal profile] sasha_feather, and [personal profile] futuransky


The Greatest (multifandom) by [personal profile] bironic
I Can't Wait (X-Men franchise) by [personal profile] ravenholdt
Battle Scars (ER) by [ profile] pixiedane
Stand By You (multifandom) by [personal profile] thingswithwings

Found Families by thingswithwings )
Foremothers by cyborganize )
Transmission (Wonder Woman multisource) by [personal profile] cyborganize ~PREMIERE in Foremothers playlist

PREMIERES - part 1

Candy Girl (Sugar, Sugar) (Princess Princess Ever After) by [personal profile] vassalady
Stray Italian Greyhound (Professor Marston & the Wonder Women) by [personal profile] beerbad
Ships in the Night (Star Trek: Discovery) by [personal profile] bethofalltrades
The Upload (Terminator franchise) by [personal profile] seekingferret
The Body Electric (Battlestar Galactica) by [personal profile] runawaynun


PREMIERES - part 2

Make Me Feel (Professor Marston & the Wonder Women) by [personal profile] 1ofgloriasjudys
Tightrope (Black Panther) by [personal profile] anoel
Woman (Legends of Tomorrow) by [personal profile] runawaynun
Extraterrestrial (Thor films) by [personal profile] fightingarrival
Straightening Up the House (multifandom - Marvel comics) by [personal profile] eruthros

RESIST by sasha_feather )
Becoming by metatxt )
Bat-masculinities by eruthros: a panel playlist )
Sing Along )


Visualizing the Text by futuransky )
Identity by Pixie )
Tori Amos by kiki_miserychic )
Escapism by metatxt )
Dance Party )

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We have vids ready and waiting for your subtitling services. Most importantly, subtitles help make our Vid Show accessible so more folks can enjoy Vid Party, but the added bonus is that subtitles also turn each vid into an opportunity for Sing Along.

If you're ready to help, just leave a comment!

[subtitle crew] "I would like to write the words that go here and transcribe the audio that accompanies the pictures behind me"

Or just, yknow, "I'M IN!"

Thanks so much!
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Dear VIDDERS, aka "friends of the many timelines,"

A few announcements...


All vidders who completed an interest form should have received an email check-in about the upcoming Premieres deadline. If you did not, we do not have the right email address for you or we did not receive your form.

If you have not completed the interest form and you are planning to submit a Premiere at our May 4th Premiering vids deadline (SUBMISSION FORM IS HERE), please email us at vidparty[dot]wiscon[at] ASAP so that we can anticipate the added screening time! Please let us know the estimated length of your vid, fandom, song, summary, etc.


As you may have seen, the digital release date for Black Panther was announced (May 8), and it raised some questions (we all really love Black Panther) for our programming process since Premieres are due May 4th.

Frankly, this is a kind of risky idea for our programming process, but (Black Panther!) we know several folks who were interested in making a Black Panther premiere.

If you want to make a Black Panther premiere, you will need to let us know the estimated length, vid audio, and description (For example, "this vid is about how Shuri is brilliant and perfect") by May 4th, aka the regular premieres deadline. Black Panther premieres with accompanying subtitles (srt files) are due by 11:59pm CST on May 22nd.

Your calendar should look like this:

April = Vid Party Premiere
May 4 = Vid Party Premiere Due Date
May 5 = create timeline and import song for Black Panther vid
May 8 = download Black Panther and start vidding
May 22 = Black Panther Premiere Due Date

Again, if you have any questions, please email us at vidparty[dot]wiscon[at]

Happy vidding!
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Are you ready to go steady with some vids? For 5 hours? For 5 minutes? For moments of moving images that contain the highs and lows of a lifetime of feelings? Is bearing witness to such immensity utopian or dystopian? Or is the thread between the two that thin...

We are *so* eager to get this party started and this year we have a lot of announcements and a lot of new exciting changes that we think you’ll all be excited about as well. To this end, please expect more posts throughout the next several months than usual.

Welcome [personal profile] eruthros!!! We are delighted to announce that [personal profile] eruthros has joined our merry band of Vid Party Crew. [personal profile] eruthros will be collaborating with me on programming, updating our warnings distribution methods, and the other dozens of activities.



Last year, we gave curators the option to have the Vid Party crew notify vidders who have vids featured in playlists. We feel like this change was largely successful as it meant playlist creators no longer had to negotiate communicating Vid Party policy or screening dynamics and we could ensure that all vidders were notified.

This year the Vid Party crew will notify ALL vidders of the vids featured in ALL playlists. Curators do not need to notify vidders themselves.

To that end, Playlists will be due Saturday, April 21st.

This will allow us to screen playlists, notify vidders early, and send subtitle assignments with plenty of time to make course corrections if necessary.


We are also offering playlist creators the opportunity to solicit premiering vids (or vid suggestions!) for their playlists. Last year we had several premieres within playlists and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Placement of Premiering vids within playlists would be a conversation between the playlist curator and the Vid Party Crew.

Vidders who submit premiering vids will have an opportunity in the Google Forms to communicate which playlists (Premiering, Themed Premiering, Curated, Sing Along, etc.) they think their vid is best suited for.

Based on discussion with several frequent playlist curators already, we anticipate that some playlist curators will solicit premieres and others will not.


RESIST [personal profile] sasha_feather open to premieres
Vidding the Book [personal profile] futuransky open to premieres
Theme TBD [personal profile] thingswithwings open to premieres (theme will be announced)
Tori Amos [personal profile] kiki_miserychic open to premieres
Identity [personal profile] magnetgirl open to premieres

Foremothers [personal profile] cyborganize closed to premieres




Last year we had an incredible response to our call for premieres. We were truly blown away by the fantastic array of premiering vids and the sheer number. At previous Vid Parties, we screened as few as 4 premieres and as of last year, as many as 19! Even with 5 hours of programming, there is a wide gulf between 4 vids and 19 vids.

For planning purposes, it would be incredibly useful to have a sense of what vids folks are working on and the time we should allocate to premieres.

Please note -- completing our form is not a firm commitment. If you sign up for a premiere and then do not have it ready, you won’t “default” or face any other consequence. This is simply a tool to help the programming team better anticipate the potential time commitment of incoming vids.

Within this form, you will also have an opportunity to suggest which playlists your vid may be well-suited for. We wanted to include the option for vidders to suggest alternate playlist fits because people responded so positively to the inclusion of premieres in themed playlists and (possibly) sing along. However, please note: most vids will appear in the premieres shows.

Determining which playlist a vid will appear on will be a programming decision subject to other factors: which fandoms are already included in that playlist? what is the flow of the playlist? How does this work for timing breaks? Etc. Vid Party Crew and the playlist curators will decide this together and notify premiering vidders.

If you are considering submitting a vid to WisCon Vid Party, please complete this form by April 13th.

Final vid submissions are due May 4th. Submit your vid here.

Let me just add that we LOVE receiving premieres from regular WisCon vidders, vidders new to WisCon, and especially, brand new vidders. We have a really great audience that loves to explore new work and new perspectives.



Ask in the comments here or email us at vidparty.wiscon at!
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I love the Vid Party and I am one of the people who runs the Tiptree Auction, and I'm wondering how I can usefully tie these loves together.

Context: The James Tiptree, Jr. Literary Award encourages the exploration & expansion of gender, and holds a fundraising auction at WisCon each year -- usually the same night as, but earlier than and only partially overlapping with, the Vid Party. I'm the auctioneer.

We're seeking donations of objects to be auctioned -- handcrafts, books, memorabilia, games, and art, especially with scifi/fantasy or feminist elements, are welcome. And I would personally love to get some donations this year of types I haven't yet seen, such as DVDs or CDs of feminist media.

But I have the seeds of a few other ideas:

  • If any vidders would like to contribute art commissions, we could do what other fanvidding auctions do, e.g., the winning bidder gets to suggest what they like and you make a custom vid for them (you can specify constraints like fandoms, genres, length, deadline, etc.).
  • If any of you own physical media you despise, I could potentially raise money by promising to destroy it, live, onstage. In 2016 the audience paid me something like USD$130 to take a hammer and smash a "Pilates for Weight Loss" DVD.
  • There'll be little breaks during the auction to let people check out the silent auction table, go to the restroom, etc. If any of you can recommend funny vids about auctions, money, consumer culture, or capitalism, I'd like to see whether we could play one or two during one of those breaks.

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Welcome back from Vid Party! Have you slept? I bet you could still sleep some more. But I know what you reaaaaaalllly want to do is watch ALL of the vids again and leave comments for our lovely vidders who premiered vids.

And then after that, maybe try a playlist or two, or three, or eleven...

Vid Party had a big year this year. Here are just a few things that made us say "WOW!":

- First year with a playlist for a Guest of Honor -- with 2(!) premieres!
- First year in the BIG room at WisCon, allowing far more people to attend than ever before

As always, we had a fully subtitled show. You can download subtitles here. Thank you to [personal profile] runawaynun, [personal profile] violace, [personal profile] oyceter, and [personal profile] seekingferret and all of the vidders who subtitled their own vids.

We also had a phenomenal poster thanks to [personal profile] jackshoegazer

Special thanks to our entire Vid Party crew -- fans/viewers, vidders, playlist makers, subtitlers, warnings screeners, poster-makers, ConCom ambassadors, ConCom, SF3, and the Concourse.

... and now, please enjoy our show!






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Have some warnings!

A sneak peak at our playlist....

And hang tight because Vid Party starts at 9pm in Capital/Wisconsin (yup! the big room!)

We've got a Kelly Sue DeConnick playlist, *19* Premieres, dazzling curated playlists, and Sing Along vids waiting for your voices.

See you soon!
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Tell me your dreams. What does your heart yearn to sing in a room full of friends, not-yet-friends, acquaintances, lovers, and ex-lovers? What vids are just too much fun to NOT share by singing at the top of our lungs while possibly dancing around the room?

We are going to do our darnedest to assemble your suggestions into two wondrous Sing Along playlists, but please note that:

1. Each of these playlists has limited space

2. Each playlist will necessarily be a mix of classics and new-to-Sing-Along vids

3. Depending on how popular this activity is... not every suggestion may make it on a Sing Along playlist :(((

But we are going to TRY! to make it all work! for the party! for the jam! for your generosity! and for the SQUEEEEEEE <3 <3 <3

So please, share with us: which vid do we play every year that we must, we MUST play for you this year? which vid have we never played at Sing Along that you would love to see AND HEAR?

And y'know, comments are screened, so feel free to tell us your deepest hopes and dreams and fears for Vid Party and the future at large. Bonus!points if you tell us which dystopia you believe we are living in!
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HELLO TO ALL WHO MAKE THIS MARVELOUS PARTY HAPPEN EACH AND EVERY YEAR. You're beautiful. We've missed you! It's nice to be back in touch. Been watching many vids? or were you waiting for this shindig of ours? Well, it is that season once again!

Vidders gotta vid.

Subtitlers gotta subtitle.

Playlist makers gotta... make... playlists.

and we've gotta rally! So everything comes together in time for the poster, the playlists, the warnings, the set-up, the online posting, and all the rest. If I could turn back time... I would have reminded you earlier. Of course, I know many of you already have vids in progress, playlists completed, and excitement percolating.

We're trying a couple of new things this year, so please pay special attention to items 1, 4, and 5!

1. Here's the first new thing we're trying: Call for Premieres for a Kelly Sue DeConnick playlist Kelly Sue DeConnick is a Guest of Honor at this year's WisCon. This means for the first time ever? yeah, ever! we have a Guest of Honor who writes for primarily visual mediums. This makes that work much more readily VID-able. Here are some suggestions of source you may want to vid: Captain Marvel, Pretty Deadly, Bitch Planet, that one episode of Emerald City*, and dozens of other stories you already know and love.

*it's television! moving images! take note those of you who do not feel ready to vid comics...although I promise you can totally vid comics!!

2. What about Premieres with other subjects or source material? We want ALL of your Premieres!. Wondering what kind of vids premiere at WisCon?
Read more about our Call for Premieres here. )

Deadline for Premiering Vids: Sunday, May 14th, 2017, 11:59pm CST

If you're planning to submit a premiere vid, we'd love for you to let us know as soon as you can so we can get a sense of how long our Premieres show will be. If you need flexibility with this deadline, please contact us at vidparty.wiscon[at] and we can discuss.

Read more about how to submit your Premiere vid here

3. We are also calling for themed playlists!. We want as many people as possible to be involved in the programming for the party, and we prefer shorter blocks of programming rather than long vidshows. So, just like last year, we would like to invite you to curate a themed vid playlist (i.e. a short/mini vid show) that's 10-25 minutes in length, or 3-6ish vids long, to play at the party. Curators choose a theme and pick 3-6ish vids that fit the theme. If you're attending WisCon, you can introduce your playlist with a description of your theme (if you want!); if you aren't attending, you can write a little introduction and we will read it for you.
Read more about our Call for Playlists here. )

Deadline for Playlists: Sunday, April 30th, 11:59pm CST.

PLEASE NOTE: this is a full 2 weeks earlier than the deadline for premieres, as it takes an extraordinary amount of time to subtitle each playlist, screen for warnings, program playlists, create programs, warning sheets, etc. etc. etc.

For planning purposes, please let us know by commenting below or emailing vidparty.wiscon at if you are planning to create a playlist. It is particularly helpful if you could let us know your playlist theme as it will assist our programming process.

4. Last year we received a lot of positive feedback on running two separate SING ALONG playlists: one for those with an early bedtime and one for those who party late. We will be repeating that format again this year (twice the Sing Along vids!), and we want your help!

Each year our Sing Along playlists have a set number of "classic" Sing Along vids and a set number of new-to-Sing-Along vids. We would like your input on vids you'd like to see -- classic or new -- at this year's Sing Along(s)! Submit your Sing-Along vid ideas at this post with screened comments.

It should be noted that if we have an overwhelming response, time may not permit us to include every vid suggestion. We will do our best to make sure one of your suggestions makes it in and we will work hard to include as many suggested vids as possible, in Sing Along playlists or elsewhere in the Vid Party.

5. And of course, these vids will not subtitle themselves! We need SUBTITLE CREW! And subtitle crews deserve VID LOVE! For every vid you subtitle, you will get a fun internet surprise (in the form of a link). It's like a Kinder egg but with less chocolate and more pixels! :D

We will also be scheduling a "subtitling blitz" weekend for May 6-7. Stay tuned for details as we get closer to the event.

Please comment here to sign up for Premieres, Playlists, and Subtitles.
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Hello our lovely, mysterious, enchanting, roguish, and righteous vidders. How are you? Did you miss us like we miss you? We want you....r vids! Please give us your vids! We need them. For breathing. Because in this dystopia I am inventing in this very moment to convey our desperate need and desire for your vids--in this dystopia here, the Capitalist Media Machine (CMM) has implanted a neurotransmitter that limits how we read and watch the media they create. The ONLY WAY to unprogram our minds and fight for the revolution is by vidding and watching the vids of other vidders, thereby linking our unique subjective experiences, expanding our consciousness, inspiring empathy, and ultimately (ultimately) saving the universe from CMM mind control™.

What kind of vids do we want?

We welcome all fanvids in all genres and from all traditions of fannish video production, so long as they have some connection to WisCon's focus on feminism and science fiction. WisCon defines feminism broadly, and we're interested in vids that engage with any aspect of gender, sexuality, race, disability, and/or class. We don’t want definitions to limit you; if you’re interested in WisCon’s themes and consider your vid to engage with these ideas, we’d love to have it at WisCon. We consider vid theme to be as relevant as source genre.

And of this year's WisCon we have an EXTRA SPECIAL opportunity for vidders: submitting a vid using source from a Kelly Sue DeConnick story for our Kelly Sue DeConnick playlist! Read more about this awesome playlist of premieres, nearly new, and classic vids here or here

Each year we have some incredible premieres by experienced and newbie vidders. We would love to see your work at this year’s Vid Party!

Details and Deadlines )
How to Submit a Premiere Vid )
Warnings and Subtitles )
Other Notes )


Ask in the comments here or email us at vidparty.wiscon at! You may also want to check out our master post for this year's programming.
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In case you haven't heard: Kelly Sue DeConnick will be a Guest of Honor at next year's WisCon!

This also means we have a Guest of Honor whose work is primarily a visual text and that means many opportunities to vid. In fact, [personal profile] garrideb submitted a Pretty Deadly vid to our Premieres show just the Vid Party before last.

To celebrate Kelly Sue DeConnick, we would very much like to have a playlist of vids focused exclusively on her work. This playlist would include previously screened vids, new non-premiering vids, and premieres.

While WisCon 41 is many, many months away, I bring this to your attention because two fandoms nominated at Festivids this year are Kelly Sue DeConnick fandoms: Bitch Planet and Captain Marvel (vol 7+8).

If you signed up for Festivids, but you have not yet offered to make a vid for Bitch Planet or Captain Marvel, please consider including these two fandoms? :D

If you have not signed up for Festivids, it is a fantastically supportive community to make a vid and you should try it!

Even if you choose not can always make a treat for Festivids!

And it goes without saying, you could always make a PREMIERE for the super-special Kelly Sue DeConnick playlist.
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If you had fun at [community profile] wiscon_vidparty, consider coming to VividCon, the annual fan-run vidding convention in Chicago, Illinois that's coming up on August 12-14, 2016 -- a whole weekend of watching vids, talking about vids, and dancing to vids!

TODAY, July 1, is the deadline for the best price for attending memberships; the rate goes up as of July 2. For the latest news on attending member registration, see the [community profile] vividcon post about Attending memberships.

If you can't make it in person but still want a window on the fun, please consider a supporting membership, which can bring all of the VividCon 2016 vidshows to a TV or computer near you. See the post Grab a supporting membership to VividCon 2016! for more information.

One way or another, we invite you to enjoy the creativity, artistry, and fannish joie de vivre of VividCon 2016!
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As promised, this is your (incredibly belated) post with this year's full list of Premieres and playlists. I apologize for the unanticipated delay.

We hope everyone enjoyed the show! If you missed any of it, treat yourself to the links below. We would love if you would leave comments for the vidders who made vids that gave you the feels, that made you think, or that made you want to try watching (or reading) something new. All of the vids this year were incredible and we can't thank you all enough for making Vid Party possible.

Shout Outs Thank you to everyone who premiered a vid, curated a playlist, subtitled our show, set-up the screening room, helped break-down the screening room, posted posters, MADE our poster -- hey there Jeremy! -- and attended our show.

Subtitles were provided by the respective vidders, or generously scripted by our amazing Subtitle Squad: [personal profile] runawaynun, [personal profile] violace, and [personal profile] seekingferret. BIG THANKS for subtitling our entire show (!)

You can download all subtitles here. Subtitles are grouped into easy to navigate playlist folders.

It's never too late to learn how to make vids! --because the only timeline that counts is the one in your video editor. As a follow-up to the absolutely amazing How-to-Vid panel moderated and run by [personal profile] thuviaptarth, there will be posts forthcoming with links and resources. So stay tuned!

WisCon Vid Party Premieres


WisCon Vid Party Playlists

If... )

Contact )

Speculative Femslash )

Birthing New Worlds )


Pixel Power )

(Free Ke$ha!)'s Murderous Women! )

Sing Along )

Halsey )

My Safeword Is... )

My Body Is A Weapon )

Sing Along )
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OH. EM. GEE. IT IS VID PARTY TONIGHT. I hope you all slept in or took a nap today, because just like last year, we are running from 9pm - 2am in Room 629. *times are approximate

Click here to view this year's playlist and related warnings.

Please feel free to email us at "vidparty [dot] wiscon [at] gmail [dot] com" with any questions or concerns.

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How to Vid overflow panel Sunday 2:30 in University D (2nd floor)

Come ask us questions!
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Just a reminder: that tiny chaotic bundle of clips and music, bells and whistles, tentacles and feels, known as a PREMIERING VID is due tomorrow!

If you need an extension, that's OK! Just send me an email at:


Let me know: the length of your vid, the fandom, and your song choice. For those vidders seeking extensions, the deadline will be Sunday, May 22nd. That said, it is important you email me so I know you are still planning to submit.


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