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Last year one of the most fun parts of the vid party was singing along raucously to some of the vids. This year we want to make it even better, by having a specific section of the evening set aside for vids that are great for singing along to. We're even going to get subtitles for those of you who don't know the words, or prefer to watch vids with the lyrics on screen.

Some of last year's highlights included [profile] jescaflowne's Another Sunday (SGA), and [personal profile] arefadedaway's Don't Stop Believing (Star Trek). We may or may not show these again, but we'd definitely like other suggestions.

So, please tell us either:

a) Vids that are good to sing along to (please provide links!), or
b) Songs that are good to sing along to, that you think someone might have made a vid to

If someone suggests a song and you know of a vid to it, please feel free to jump in and give us a link!

Vid Recs

Jun. 17th, 2010 12:03 pm
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Hi everyone!

This is a catchall post for vid and amv recommendations. If you ever see a vid and think "ooh, we should show that at the vid party!", drop the link in comments to this post.

At minimum, we need the download link, the vidder's handle, the title of the vid, the song, and the fandom(s). If you are so moved to tell us why you like the vid so much, please do (and I suggest telling the vidder why you liked their work, too).

We can't promise everything will make it into the party, but we also want to cast a wide net, so feel free to point others who might be interested to this post (and this comm) at any time.


ETA: Per [personal profile] damned_colonial in comments,

I guess if you don't have all that information, post anyway -- but the more the better!

Maybe we should say something about categories too? We're particularly interested in vids in the following categories:

* Vids with a message (please tell us what you think the message is)
* Singalong vids
* New vids (posted after June 1st 2010)

So if you're reccing something in any of those categories, please let us know, as it will help us with playlist planning.


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