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Another Vid Party both vidded and partied. What a time we had sharing feelings in a dark room. To relive the glory, to share the Ah-MAZING premieres... check out our full set-list below!

Additionally, please check out our warnings spreadsheet and feel free to download our subtitle files and intertitles, as desired.

Special shout out to our subtitle team, with notable contributions from [personal profile] runawaynun and [personal profile] seekingferret: your work brings us together <3

Big shout out to our enthusiastic and talented intertitle creator, [personal profile] anoel, who stepped up and made something beautiful to tie our show together.

As always, our incredibly pink Vid Party poster was designed by [personal profile] jackshoegazer which you can check out here.

Finally, but most importantly, PLEASE leave our amazing vidders comments! They like to hear things from you all, even if it's just a "Yay! I liked this!" and we would not have anything to party about without them. <3 <3 <#

~ your Vid Party crew: [personal profile] metatxt, [personal profile] eruthros, [personal profile] were_duck, [personal profile] sasha_feather, and [personal profile] futuransky


The Greatest (multifandom) by [personal profile] bironic
I Can't Wait (X-Men franchise) by [personal profile] ravenholdt
Battle Scars (ER) by [ profile] pixiedane
Stand By You (multifandom) by [personal profile] thingswithwings

Found Families by thingswithwings )
Foremothers by cyborganize )
Transmission (Wonder Woman multisource) by [personal profile] cyborganize ~PREMIERE in Foremothers playlist

PREMIERES - part 1

Candy Girl (Sugar, Sugar) (Princess Princess Ever After) by [personal profile] vassalady
Stray Italian Greyhound (Professor Marston & the Wonder Women) by [personal profile] beerbad
Ships in the Night (Star Trek: Discovery) by [personal profile] bethofalltrades
The Upload (Terminator franchise) by [personal profile] seekingferret
The Body Electric (Battlestar Galactica) by [personal profile] runawaynun


PREMIERES - part 2

Make Me Feel (Professor Marston & the Wonder Women) by [personal profile] 1ofgloriasjudys
Tightrope (Black Panther) by [personal profile] anoel
Woman (Legends of Tomorrow) by [personal profile] runawaynun
Extraterrestrial (Thor films) by [personal profile] fightingarrival
Straightening Up the House (multifandom - Marvel comics) by [personal profile] eruthros

RESIST by sasha_feather )
Becoming by metatxt )
Bat-masculinities by eruthros: a panel playlist )
Sing Along )


Visualizing the Text by futuransky )
Identity by Pixie )
Tori Amos by kiki_miserychic )
Escapism by metatxt )
Dance Party )

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Are you ready to go steady with some vids? For 5 hours? For 5 minutes? For moments of moving images that contain the highs and lows of a lifetime of feelings? Is bearing witness to such immensity utopian or dystopian? Or is the thread between the two that thin...

We are *so* eager to get this party started and this year we have a lot of announcements and a lot of new exciting changes that we think you’ll all be excited about as well. To this end, please expect more posts throughout the next several months than usual.

Welcome [personal profile] eruthros!!! We are delighted to announce that [personal profile] eruthros has joined our merry band of Vid Party Crew. [personal profile] eruthros will be collaborating with me on programming, updating our warnings distribution methods, and the other dozens of activities.



Last year, we gave curators the option to have the Vid Party crew notify vidders who have vids featured in playlists. We feel like this change was largely successful as it meant playlist creators no longer had to negotiate communicating Vid Party policy or screening dynamics and we could ensure that all vidders were notified.

This year the Vid Party crew will notify ALL vidders of the vids featured in ALL playlists. Curators do not need to notify vidders themselves.

To that end, Playlists will be due Saturday, April 21st.

This will allow us to screen playlists, notify vidders early, and send subtitle assignments with plenty of time to make course corrections if necessary.


We are also offering playlist creators the opportunity to solicit premiering vids (or vid suggestions!) for their playlists. Last year we had several premieres within playlists and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Placement of Premiering vids within playlists would be a conversation between the playlist curator and the Vid Party Crew.

Vidders who submit premiering vids will have an opportunity in the Google Forms to communicate which playlists (Premiering, Themed Premiering, Curated, Sing Along, etc.) they think their vid is best suited for.

Based on discussion with several frequent playlist curators already, we anticipate that some playlist curators will solicit premieres and others will not.


RESIST [personal profile] sasha_feather open to premieres
Vidding the Book [personal profile] futuransky open to premieres
Theme TBD [personal profile] thingswithwings open to premieres (theme will be announced)
Tori Amos [personal profile] kiki_miserychic open to premieres
Identity [personal profile] magnetgirl open to premieres

Foremothers [personal profile] cyborganize closed to premieres




Last year we had an incredible response to our call for premieres. We were truly blown away by the fantastic array of premiering vids and the sheer number. At previous Vid Parties, we screened as few as 4 premieres and as of last year, as many as 19! Even with 5 hours of programming, there is a wide gulf between 4 vids and 19 vids.

For planning purposes, it would be incredibly useful to have a sense of what vids folks are working on and the time we should allocate to premieres.

Please note -- completing our form is not a firm commitment. If you sign up for a premiere and then do not have it ready, you won’t “default” or face any other consequence. This is simply a tool to help the programming team better anticipate the potential time commitment of incoming vids.

Within this form, you will also have an opportunity to suggest which playlists your vid may be well-suited for. We wanted to include the option for vidders to suggest alternate playlist fits because people responded so positively to the inclusion of premieres in themed playlists and (possibly) sing along. However, please note: most vids will appear in the premieres shows.

Determining which playlist a vid will appear on will be a programming decision subject to other factors: which fandoms are already included in that playlist? what is the flow of the playlist? How does this work for timing breaks? Etc. Vid Party Crew and the playlist curators will decide this together and notify premiering vidders.

If you are considering submitting a vid to WisCon Vid Party, please complete this form by April 13th.

Final vid submissions are due May 4th. Submit your vid here.

Let me just add that we LOVE receiving premieres from regular WisCon vidders, vidders new to WisCon, and especially, brand new vidders. We have a really great audience that loves to explore new work and new perspectives.



Ask in the comments here or email us at vidparty.wiscon at!


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