Social Media Manifesto and Call to DW

Apr. 25th, 2019 08:49 pm
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I got this from [personal profile] devilc and I'm sharing it here: the link to Social Media Manifesto and Call to DW.

our bodies, possessed by light

Apr. 25th, 2019 08:55 pm
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I missed yesterday for migraine reasons (I am not feeling amazing today, either, but poetry month continues, and makes me feel better about most things), so here are two poems by two different poets with the same title. The second one was already on my poem schedule, but I also really love the first one, and it made sense to post them together. Both poems do kind of amazing and completely different things with poetic structure, and both, of course, are about Scheherazade, and storytelling, and love.

Words were a silver thread )


Tell me we'll never get used to it )

getting back into things here

Apr. 25th, 2019 11:07 am
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I signed a "Social Media Manifesto" at Minicon 54 wherein I promised to basically become a regular on Dreamwidth again. Because so many of us miss the community we had on Livejournal.

So! I shall try to post and read regularly from here on out. I may be a bit slow to get going post-Minicon as I'm still catching up on sleep and on all sorts of things. There may be a big of post-con depression in the mix too.

I had a great Minicon, but it flew by all too fast (every year it seems to fly by faster). Was great to chat with the people I got to chat with and to hear some good music and go to some excellent programming items and so on. Perhaps I'll even post a con report before the week is out.

Lesson learned

Apr. 24th, 2019 11:24 pm
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I definitely made an error in judgment when I agreed to dog sit a young golden retriever. He's gone home now, and Abbie and I are both very relieved. It could've been worse-- he was an essentially good-natured dog-- but he was very high energy and had separation anxiety. My roommate described him as a "needy boyfriend".

I'm enjoying watching "The Expanse" which I have out from the library. Tonight I watched disc 2. It's gripping and I like the focus on working-class people.

The weather has been nice for a few days and it certainly makes life easier. We're in that moment of Spring where tiny flowers bloom under trees. Willow trees have a yellow glow.

Star Trek: Discovery S2

Apr. 24th, 2019 07:43 am
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I managed to avoid being spoiled for the ending, which I'm glad about. 

The future is not yet written )

will in overplus

Apr. 23rd, 2019 10:40 pm
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Today is Shakespeare Day! The tradition in recent years, on Shakespeare Day, has been to post one sonnet and one poem that is not by Shakespeare, but relates in some way to Shakespeare. This year, a pun-filled sonnet (sometimes the sonnets are really ludicrous), and an incredible poem that I was introduced to by a friend, which has some things to say about Hamlet.

Whoever hath her wish, though hast they Will )

you knew no human thing you did not know even how to breathe )
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Part 4 of series by [personal profile] desireearmfeldt and [personal profile] ride_4ever now posted.

Title of Part 4: Directive on Leave and Special Working Arrangements
Rating: General Audiences
Relationships: Benton Fraser & Frannie Vecchio; Benton Fraser & Ray Kowalski; possibly Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski
Characters: Benton Fraser
Summary: An RCMP document; a telegram from Fraser to Frannie.
Part 4 on AO3.

Entire series so far on AO3.

my rivers and my stars

Apr. 22nd, 2019 11:23 pm
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This poem is a little in conversation with John Donne in a way I really adore, but I don't think you need the Donne to appreciate it; it's a phenomenal poem about bodies and aging and embodiedness, and it's by Ursula Le Guin. What more do you need to know?

Oh, have I not my Strangeness? )
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When I feel like "why in the world am I trying to put on an arts festival" I need to reread this piece.

people in exile write so many letters

Apr. 21st, 2019 08:43 pm
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I had a request for Anne Carson, before I even started the month, but the problem I always have with posting Anne Carson during National Poetry Month is that her stuff is so difficult to excerpt, and I like her long things—Autobiography of Red, the Oresteia translation, the Glass Essay—more than her short things, a lot of the time. I'm also in a weird place with Anne Carson right now because the show we saw last night was...her id on stage? And I love her work, but I'm not sure the stage is the right place for her id. On the other hand, sometimes she does short really well. The line breaks on this poem are pretty arbitrary and (as far as I can tell) somewhat dependent on the printing, but as prose poetry it does work for me, which prose poetry rarely does. Maybe it's the Ovid.

I see him there on a night like this )

this is a torch song

Apr. 20th, 2019 10:56 pm
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And, on the third poetry-and-theatre night of this week, a poem at least somewhat in keeping with the show I saw tonight—Norma Jeane Baker of Troy at The Shed—about which...I have some mixed feelings. Content warning for discussion of rape in this poem.

Helen of Troy Does Countertop Dancing )

(no subject)

Apr. 20th, 2019 09:58 pm
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My in-progress grand unified theory of superhero films suggests that any movie that not just reflects but actively courts and relies on heteronormative tropes and toxic masculinity is going to be at the bottom of my list. The Incredibles II had all of about two good scenes and both of those involved Edna. The rest of it was filled with family and gender dynamics that I hated. Even things that I theoretically liked about it re: discussion of the impact and casualties of large superhero fights I disliked because I wound up disliking the movie and the relationships so much.

Grand unified theory wants a film where the final climax is about de-escalation of violence and finding non-violent solutions to superhero problems.

a deathless, inexhaustible wine

Apr. 20th, 2019 12:10 am
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I didn't post a poem yesterday because it has been a hell of a week and I was too exhausted; but yesterday I watched the season finale of The Magicians, and today I went to see Hadestown on Broadway, and you know what that means? That means it's time for Rilke. Here are two sonnets from Sonnets to Orpheus, one for yesterday and one for today; normally I post the German as well as the translation, but I'm tired and I don't want to type it up, so I'm going straight to the excellent Stephen Mitchell translations. (I recommend his editions—they're usually bilingual and very good.)

Simple, for a god. )

Ant-Man & The Wasp

Apr. 18th, 2019 10:10 pm
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New data for the unified theory of superhero films suggests being spoiled for stressful plot points increases enjoyment, but being spoiled for character moments and details decreases enjoyment. Data also suggests that there is a sweet spot between caring too much and caring too little. There is also stress with having the plot need to conform to an overarching storyline -- the Captain America: Civil War references stressed me the fuck out.

Overall: too much Pym, not enough Hope, no where near enough Janet, Ava is a character I want to read fic about but who didn't get the kinds of emotionally resonant scenes in the movie that I wanted her to have, Cassie got more to do and is great, loved the end credits, Luis and team remain my favs, and I am not sure which Scott pairing I like more: Scott/Maggie/Paxton, Scott/Agent Woo, or Scott/Hope. That's a lie, it's clearly some kind of communal living situation where Scott and Hope live in the same house as Maggie and Paxton and sometimes Agent Woo and Scott go out to dinner and Janet doesn't live there, but does have her own room that she stays in when she needs space from Hank. And Cassie has all the giant pet ants in the world.

I feel like I should have thoughts about how the movie explores people acting selfishly in ways that negatively impact those around them and how selfish quests endanger the lives of everyone else, but the movie didn't really stick the landing on that, so why should I stick the landing on analyzing it?
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Friends I am so sorry about The Magicians. I haven't watched season 4, and probably won't now.

It feels like the 100 all over again and it sucks so much.

I want better for us.

the Nightstand Project

Apr. 17th, 2019 09:45 pm
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Inspired by a post Jesse the K made about "the Nightstand Project"-- a gallery of photos of the nightstands of people with chronic illness-
(see, I am sharing pictures of my nightstand and my "day stand" (the small table that sits by my recliner).


Nightstand. Top drawer is open showing medications and a wrist brace. The top of the stand has a blue lamp, a bottle of lotion, a glass of water, a folded handkerchief, and some meds. My iPod sits on the edge; I use this for an alarm clock when needed, and for listening to "rain sounds" on youtube to help me fall asleep.


Day stand. Contains: My phone, a box of tissues, Icy Hot cream, Lidocaine cream, a glass of lemonade, and 3 little microfiber rags that I use to clean my glasses. Also a pencil. Stuff accumluates on this table and I have to clear it off regularly.

to reach the limits of ourselves

Apr. 17th, 2019 10:05 pm
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I went to see Cradle Will Rock at Classic Stage Company tonight (the first of three shows I am seeing this week). It was an amazing production, but I totally didn't realize how well I still knew the show from my obsession with the 1999 Movie and the Patti Lupone recording of the musical (I know it...really well?!). Anyway, there are a shortage of poems about unions and labor organizing and the Federal Theatre Project. But I've been sitting on this poem since the beginning of the month, and although it's not directly related, it seems appropriate to me, in a sort of two-steps-sideways kind of way.

I lived in the first century of world wars )

Zambia and economics

Apr. 17th, 2019 12:41 pm
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Several years ago I got to visit my sister in Lusaka, Zambia.

I saw how it can work when utility companies work on a prepayment basis (as in, you have to top up your account before usage, much as you would top up a pay-as-you-go mobile phone plan). I found out about how one frequently irons one's clothes, or has them ironed, after washing, not just for aesthetic reasons, but to kill parasites. I learned that Zambia has a four-corners water border with three other countries. And I learned that the indigenous name for Victoria Falls is Mosi-oa-Tunya or Mosi-O-Tunya, which translates as "the smoke that thunders", inspiring the name of a beer. (If you visit during the bit of the dry season when the waterfall roars less impressively, enterprising locals will happily photograph you in front of the green-painted wall they've set up, digitally place your smiling family in front of a suitably watery background, and charge you for prints. They also have props available in case you want to, say, wear a headdress, hold a carved stick, etc., in the photo, and I feel mixed about this, as you might imagine.) I meant to write up more of what I observed (I tweeted about a concert I attended but that's about it), then didn't get around to it, sadly.

At the time, India was my default comparator; I noticed how bits of things -- the climate, the physical infrastructure, the history museum, intangibles -- were like, or not like, things I'd experienced in India. I hope someday I get to visit more, different places in Africa so I can get a better understanding of it as its own context.

Just now I reread an old Daniel Davies post about Zambia (he was born there; I think his father did some kind of job there for a while), which he wrote in 2008 but which -- as I see the toll extractive capitalism is taking on my industry and my country -- strikes close to home.

...relevant to natural resource curse. What the continent of Africa is full of, is chancers and get-rich-quick merchants. The natural resources industry is of course famous for such characters, and the trait that they share with vulture financiers is that they vastly prefer to substitute risk tolerance, sharp elbows and an eye for the main chance for graft and creativity. People like this are useful and even necessary in small doses, but (as any history of your favourite frontier and colonisation narrative will tell you), in large numbers they're pestilential; a walking, talking infestation of the same kind of behaviour that's the staple of the resource curse literature.

There's a post forthcoming ... on psychological obstacles to development but I think this is the big one; not the lack of a work ethic, but the perversion of the work ethic in a large proportion of the domestic and expatriate business class, who think that success isn't something you build; it's something you find...


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