Feb. 6th, 2016

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Vidders and Viddees, Partiers and Partees, Enthusiasts of SF/F and Remix! We merrily present:

"The Party Of Our Lives"
a filk, sung to the tune of "The Story of Tonight"...

I may not fly to see the party!*
You may not drive to see the party!

But I will gladly vid the night!
But you should gladly vid the night!

And when the fangirls link our premieres…
And when the fangirls fave our premieres…

They’ll squee for shiny new delight!

Let’s have another vid tonight!
Let’s have another vid tonight!
Let’s have another vid tonight!

Raise a Vid to WisCon!
A Party that will live on year to year
No matter how chaotic
Raise a vid to the sing-a-long

Even if we get the lyrics wrong!
Singing the story of our night

Please vid a story for this night

Raise a glass to WisCon!
I think the show gets longer every year

Our squee will fight exhaustion

Let’s have another vid tonight!

Raise a vid to the Vid Party!

Even if this filk is weak
We’ll Vid the Party of our lives

Let’s Vid the Party of our lives
Raise a vid to WisCon
Let’s Vid the Party of our lives
Raise a vid to WisCon
Let’s Vid the Party of our lives
Please vid a story for —


So that happened. I shamelessly (and poorly) filked the genius of Lin-Manuel Miranda… To further highlight his superior word mastery by botching his creation? No! To get your attention?! Well, yes. But also! Also, I know that you know, aliens, robots, mermaids, superheroes, dystopian monarchs, and revolutionaries all have a golden ticket to WisCon Vid Party. But, also invited are the feuding fathers of Broadway hip hop, the devoted fans of Cindi Mayweather, the codebreakers of Bletchley, the swooning eye-sex from film adaptations of classic 1950s lesbian pulp novels, and the yet-to-be-videographed stories from sf/f books. Let me further assure you still: this is not a comprehensive list.

We welcome all fanvids in all genres and from all traditions of fannish video production, so long as they have some connection to WisCon's focus on feminism and science fiction. WisCon defines feminism broadly, and we're interested in vids that engage with any aspect of gender, sexuality, race, disability, and/or class. We don’t want definitions to limit you; if you’re interested in WisCon’s themes and consider your vid to engage with these ideas, we’d love to have it at WisCon. We consider vid theme to be as relevant as source genre.

Each year we have some incredible premieres by experienced and newbie vidders. We would love to see your work at this year’s Vid Party!

And if your vid includes gorgeous shots of space, please send it our way. We are absolute trash for vids set in space. Some might even call us orbital debris.


If you’re looking for inspiration, please check out last year’s fantastic premieres!

- Just a Dream Away (Star Trek: the Animated Series) by [personal profile] starlady
- Hope In the Air (Pretty Deadly) by [personal profile] garrideb
- Cassavetes (Iron Man/MCU) by [personal profile] seekingferret
- Pipeline (multifandom) by [personal profile] brainwane

Details and Deadlines! )

How to Submit a Premiere Vid )

Warnings policy )

Subtitles )

Other notes )


Playlist sign-ups will open next Saturday, February 13th at 10am CST! We wanted to give you a bit of notice because sign-ups can fill-up pretty quickly.


Ask in the comments here or email us at vidparty.wiscon at gmail.com!

Stay tuned for further announcements regarding Playlists, Vidder notifications, Sing-A-Long, and our Vid Development posts...

* Uhhhhm, I’m totally flying to WisCon, but there’s not a lot of shared risk if I say, “hey I’m going to WisCon and also I lead our merry band of Vid Partiers. Please make a vid even if you’re not attending!” Also, there was the consideration of symmetry, yo.


WisCon Vid Party

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