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Welcome back from Vid Party! Have you slept? I bet you could still sleep some more. But I know what you reaaaaaalllly want to do is watch ALL of the vids again and leave comments for our lovely vidders who premiered vids.

And then after that, maybe try a playlist or two, or three, or eleven...

Vid Party had a big year this year. Here are just a few things that made us say "WOW!":

- First year with a playlist for a Guest of Honor -- with 2(!) premieres!
- First year in the BIG room at WisCon, allowing far more people to attend than ever before

As always, we had a fully subtitled show. You can download subtitles here. Thank you to [personal profile] runawaynun, [personal profile] violace, [personal profile] oyceter, and [personal profile] seekingferret and all of the vidders who subtitled their own vids.

We also had a phenomenal poster thanks to [personal profile] jackshoegazer

Special thanks to our entire Vid Party crew -- fans/viewers, vidders, playlist makers, subtitlers, warnings screeners, poster-makers, ConCom ambassadors, ConCom, SF3, and the Concourse.

... and now, please enjoy our show!


1. Captain Marvel!!! (Captain Marvel) by Aeris and [ profile] Pixiedane
2. **You’re Extraordinary Pepper Potts (Iron Man Rescue one-shot and MCU) by [ profile] Pixiedane
3. **Look Into My Eyes (Emerald City, Episode 6 "Beautiful Wickedness") by [personal profile] cyborganize
4. Hope In The Air (Pretty Deadly) by [personal profile] garrideb
5. Love God Herself (Bitch Planet) by [personal profile] metatxt


1. Q.U.E.E.N. (Hidden Figures) by [personal profile] 1ofgloriasjudys
2. Meeting of Two (Space) Queens (Barbarella) by Nina Lamaria
3. Sunset and Shadow (Advantageous) by [profile] thingwithwings
4. Broad-Shouldered Beasts (Nerve) by [personal profile] garrideb
5. Stamina (RPF - women in sports) by [personal profile] runawaynun
6. I Am the One Who Will Remember Everything (Harry Potter) by [personal profile] chaila
7. Bone Bomb (Pacific Rim) by [personal profile] izzy
8. Migra (Sleep Dealer) by [personal profile] livrelibre or watch/comment at AO3

COLONIZATION & ITS DISCONTENTS by [personal profile] thingswithwings

1. **Field Work (Imperial March) (Indiana Jones) by [personal profile] eruthros
2. How Much Is That Geisha In the Window? (Firefly) by [ profile] lierdumoa
3. Sons and Daughters (Battlestar Galactica) by [personal profile] futuransky
4. Ancillary Justice Book Trailer (Ancillary Justice) by [personal profile] bironic
5. Masters of War (Stargate Atlantis) by [personal profile] bironic
6. Enter the Wu-Tang Clan: 36 Chambers of Death Parts I and IV (Lord of the Rings) by [personal profile] fightingarrival, formerly hapex_legomena
7. Watershed (Avatar: the Last Airbender) by [personal profile] kaydeefalls

IMG CTRL by [personal profile] metatxt

1. Us (metafandom) by [ profile] lim
2. I Come With Knives (Xena, Buffy, Legend of the Seeker) by [ profile] hollywoodgrrl
3. Titanium (Wonder Woman) by [personal profile] giandujakiss
4. The Greatest (Pitch) by [personal profile] amathela
5. Welcome to the Jungle (Singing in the Rain) by Nancy Blackett
6. A Better Son/Daughter (RPF - Carrie and Gary Fisher) by [personal profile] eruthros



1. 1985 (Tomorrowland) by [personal profile] starlady
2. This Little (Disney) Girl (Disney Princesses) by [ profile] Pixiedane
3. Bette Davis Eyes (The Final Girls) by [personal profile] kiki_miserychic
4. All I Know (Alien series) by [personal profile] kuwdora and [personal profile] jb_slasher
5. Don't Hurt Yourself (Luke Cage) by [personal profile] runawaynun
6. Desperado (Star Wars: the Force Awakens) by [personal profile] fightingarrival
7. Building a Body (Automata) by [personal profile] eruthros

BUILDING A BETTER WORLD by [personal profile] eruthros

1. The Future Stops Here (multifandom) by [personal profile] futuransky
2. Dance Apocalyptic (multifandom) by [personal profile] thingswithwings and [personal profile] eruthros
3. One War (Dark Angel) by [personal profile] giandujakiss
4. Battle Cry (Luke Cage) by [personal profile] thingswithwings
5. Our Version of Events (Pride / Rent) by [personal profile] silly_cleo
6. Landsailor (multifandom) by [personal profile] raven

ROBOT LOVE IS QUEER by [personal profile] cyborganize

1. **Robot Love is Queer (multifandom) by [personal profile] cyborganize
2. Gone Tech (Almost Human) by [ profile] blithesea
3. Hera Has Six Mommies (Battlestar Galactica) by [ profile] tallulah71
4. Some Great Heights (Wall-E) by [personal profile] chaila
5. Behind Blue Eyes (2001: A Space Odyssey) by [personal profile] bironic
6. Gloria (Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles) by [personal profile] sweetestdrain
7. Feel the Love (Portal fandom) by [personal profile] echan


1. Take On Me (Doctor Who) by [ profile] trelkez
2. Skeleton Key (Person of Interest) by [personal profile] isagel
3. Wake Me Up (multifandom) by [ profile] Fiercynn and [ profile] Scribe
4. Cheap Thrills (Ghostbusters) by [personal profile] such_heights
5. Space Girl (multifandom) by [ profile] charmax
6. Fight Song (comics multifandom) by (MEP:) xmaddisaster, hirascassidy drake, xsilvermistx, ameliabaggins, dustedlaces, midnight mist, ceruleangrl510, annnarchist, hollie1911, otakuspaz, rewiponpon, prettylittleone, xxstillexx, annnarchist, xxamity0parkxx, guardianfaith1577, xxclassicdreamsxx
7. The Long Spear (Star Trek(s) by [personal profile] jmtorres, [personal profile] niqaeli, et. al.
8. Starships (multifandom) by [ profile] bironic


SCHEMING AND DREAMING by [personal profile] oyceter

1. Want You Gone (Portal) by [ profile] Khaff3
2. Shuang Nu (Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame | 狄仁杰之通天帝国) by [personal profile] starlady
3. The Evil Queen (Miss Mills If You're Nasty) (Once Upon a Time) by [ profile] foomatic
4. Hope on Fire (The Great Queen Seondeok) by [personal profile] shati
5. A New Day (Luke Cage) by [ profile] feedingonwind

NICKI MINAJ by [personal profile] kiki_miserychic

1. Fly (Parks and Recreation) by [ profile] sisabet
2. The Girl You Like (RPF - Nicki Minaj) by dragonchic
3. ►Get On Ur Knees [+sevenationsarmy] (multifandom) by [ profile] lighteningxdisaster
4. Anaconda (MCU Black Widow) by [personal profile] milly
5. Va Va Voom (A League of Their Own) by [personal profile] rhoboat
6. Fly (multifandom) by [personal profile] such_heights


1. 500 Miles (Pokemon) by [personal profile] elipie
2. Timber (Star Wars: the Force Awakens) by [ profile] bessyboo
3. All These Things That I've Done (Battlestar Galactica) by [personal profile] kiki_miserychic
4. Heaven Is a Place On Earth (Black Mirror, "San Junipero") by [ profile] fullmoonjp
5. Counting Stars (Wonder Woman) by [personal profile] beccatoria
6. Bad Romance (Steven Universe) by [ profile] PurviewProductions
7. Tik Tok (Star Trek TOS) by [ profile] misssheenie
8. Starships (multifandom) by [ profile] bironic


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Does bold ** mark a premiere when it's outside of a premiere section?


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