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This is an online version of the handout we're providing at the party.

The Vid Party provides trigger warnings as an accessibility measure. Our warnings are intended to help attendees manage their risk if they are subject to common psychological or physical triggers. These warnings are not intended as a "rating" or censorship measure.

Psychological triggers
We warn for: Sexual assault and coercion; abusive relationships; suicide and self-harm; extreme violence or gore; torture, police brutality, and institutional violence.

We don't warn for: Nudity; sexual activity; non-heteronormative sexuality; general violence including action sequences, shooting, martial arts, etc; explicit language; other "mature" themes.

Physical triggers

We warn for: Strobing and flashing effects, very fast cutting, "shaky cam", other effects or source material deemed likely to trigger seizures or migraines.

We don't warn for: Incidental bright lights in source (eg. explosions); also please note that vids are by their nature bright and fast-moving, so we only warn for those that are particularly so.

We've listed the point at which the vids appear in each of the four shows. The full playlist, posted on the door of the party suite, should help you figure out where we're up to.

Although we have done our best to provide adequate warning for the content of all the vids, we cannot guarantee to have caught everything. Nor can we promise total consistency or objectivity, though we did our best. Please feel free to talk to the organisers (Alexis, Gretchen, or Sandy) if you have any questions or need more information about any particular vid.

We have printed only a limited number of these handouts which are available in the kitchen of the con suite. If you are done reading, or don't need the handout for reference, please replace it in the kitchen so someone else can use it.

Remix Video as Feminist SF: introductory session (9-10pm)
Hands Away by chaila and beccatoria (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles/Fringe)
7th of 15 vids
Physical: quick intercutting, some brief strobing police lights and lightning flashes

Enter the Wu-Tang Part 3 by hapex_legomena (Lord of the Rings)
11th of 15 vids
Graphic violence, dead bodies.

The Price by thingswithwings
12th of 15 vids
Graphic violence including sexual violence, suicide and dead bodies (concentrated in second half of vid).

Stay Awake by Laura Shapiro (Multi)
13th of 15 vids
Implied sexual violence, violence against women, nonconsensual medical procedures
Physical: strobing effects

The Abuse of Authority (10-11pm)

Shock the Monkey by giandujakiss (Hawaii 5-O)
2nd of 15 vids
Graphic institutional racialized violence and torture.

Vogue by luminosity (300)
3rd of 15 vids
Stylised but extremely bloody violence
Physical: heavy use of visual effects including flashing and jerky movement

Slow Down Ghandi by obsessive24 (Battlestar Galactica)
6th of 15 vids
Suicide (gun). Physical: fast cutting.
Crazy Ass Violence by Big Big Truck Prod (multi: amv)
9th of 15 vids
Physical: strobe effects
DLZ by bop radar (sarah connor chronicles)
10th of 15 vids
Physical: fast cutting
Personal Jesus by Killa (True Blood)
11th of 15 vids
Extreme graphic violence including sexual violence
Superstar by Here's Luck (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
12th of 15 vids
Physical: strobe lighting (nightclub scene)
The Future Stops Here by Lila Futuransky (V for Vendetta, 28 Days Later, Children of Men)
14th of 15 vids
Institutional violence, violence against women, dead bodies

Too Big to Fail by Starlady (Occupy photos)
15th of 15 vids
Institutional violence

Premieres and Recent Vids (11-12am)

Parable by Chaila (Parable of the Sower constructed)
1st of 16 vids
Institutional violence

Black Steel by Lila Futuransky (Born in Flames)
3rd of 16 vids
Physical: Flickering images and rapid intercutting throughout. Content: Institutional violence; brief depiction of sexual violence and dead body.

Machine by beccatoria (Mass Effect)
9th of 16 vids
Brief (CG) depictions of suicide (gun), forced medical procedures.

Danse Macabre by chaila (Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles)
10th of 16 vids
Sections of rapid intercutting; some graphic violence.

Black Dove by kiki_miserychic (Doctor Who)
11th of 16 vids
Physical: rapid intercutting

Thistle and Weeds by Sisabet (Game of Thrones)
13th of 16 vids
Graphic violence, including sexual violence

The Fear by Laura Shapiro (Misfits)
14th of 16 vids
graphic violence (briefly depicted), violence against women, Sexual violence

Singalongs (12-1am)

Rollin in the Deep by (X-Men)
5th of 13 vids
Brief depiction of forced medical procedure; Holocaust imagery

Evil Love Shack of Darkness by SE (Evil Dead)
12th of 13 vids
physical: first-person "shaky-cam" and flashing wormhole effects

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Date: 2012-05-26 12:31 pm (UTC)
ravenholdt: (Default)
From: [personal profile] ravenholdt
I would have subbed a couple of vids as well, but due to medical issues, I was unconscious during the submission window. Still, I hope everyone has a hellaciously good time.
Any chance the vidshow will be listed with links? I'd love to catch a whiff of that Wiscon mojo.


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Date: 2012-06-03 07:03 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] arduinna
Could you please tag this post? Thank you.


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