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Here are the premieres and all the playlists from the WisCon 38 Vid Party! See this handout for our warnings policy and warnings information for all vids.

The vid party programming is largely made up of what attendees and interested folks submit, which we think makes the party pretty fun and special. So enormous thanks to all the vidders who submitted premieres and all the curators who submitted playlists, and to all the volunteers who helped us subtitle the show! If you enjoy the vids, please follow the links to the vidders' journals/sites and let them know!

Wiscon 38 Vid Party PREMIERES

These vids played for the first time ever at this year's WisCon! They are all great and you should definitely watch them!

She Knows (So Close 夕陽天使) by thuviaptarth and spring green
Come ‘Round for Tea (Marvel comic books) by garrideb
Special Education (Fringe) by OneOfGloriasJudys
Lonely Little Petunia (The Walking Dead) by kiki_miserychic
Spiralling (Continuum) by kuwdora
Become You (Xena: Warrior Princess) by fray-adjacent
Watershed (Wonder Woman) by chaila

WisCon 38 Vid Party Themed Playlists

Playlist 1: the relation between organism and machine has been a border war (curated by chaila)
The Monkey's Paw (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) by sanguinity
Adam Raised a Cain (Caprica) by nicole_anell
Rootless (Orphan Black) by dayln03
Sleep No More (Strange Days) by isagel
Hey Ho (Marvel Cinematic Universe) by thuviaptarth

Playlist 2: Dessa (curated by kiki_miserychic)
Seamstress (Nikita) by giandujakiss
Skeleton Key (Person of Interest) by isagel
Matches to Paper Dolls (The X-Files) by astarte
Dixon’s Girl (X-Men) by sabrina_il
Poor Atlas (Battlestar Galactica) by beccatoria
Seamstress (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) by chaila
Sound the Bells (Pacific Rim) by chaila
plus additional thoughts and more vids from the curator

Playlist 3: A Vid for Any Source (curated chaila)
When Brakes Get Wet (Code Name Verity) by thatfangirl
My Medea (Whedonverse) by yunitsa
Sky Is Open (Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel) by garrideb
Memo: Re: Revolution (Battlestar Galactica) by beccatoria
Riverside (Tomb Raider) by Milly
Bloody Shirt (Welcome to Night Vale) by unfinishedidea
If I Were a Prince (Revolutionary Girl Utena) by shati
Unnatural Selection (Battlestar Galactica / Terminator: Sarah Connor) by charmax

Playlist 4: "A revolution without dancing is not a revolution worth having" (curated by starlady)
In Our Bedroom After the War (Goodbye, Lenin!) by such_heights
Suffrage (Iron-Jawed Angels) by e_transitions
Black Steel (Born in Flames) by Lila Futuransky
Slow Down Gandhi (Battlestar Galactica) by obsessive24
Too Big to Fail (Occupy Wall Street) by starlady
Citizens of the World (The Blues Brother movies) by Trutgras
and more commentary from the curator

Playlist 5: I Can’t Take You Seriously At All (curated by Jon)
Thrift Shop (US Film Remakes) by bradcpu
Martin Scorsese (Martin Scorsese films) by Jetpack Monkey
Gold Digger (Gone with the Wind) by AbsoluteDestiny
The Price (multi-fandom) by thingswithwings
Your Disco Needs You (Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes) by thingswithwings

Playlist 6: Forces of Evil Beware (curated by chaila and metatxt)
Level Up (Sleepy Hollow) by kaydeefalls
That’s Not My Name (Fringe) by rhoboat
Who Needs Sleep (Elementary) by kiki_miserychic
The Way Things Are (Sleepy Hollow) by trelkez
King and Lionheart (Pacific Rim) by violace

Playlist 7: Gender / Queer Becomings (curated by Lila Futuransky)
Trembling Heart (Dottie Gets Spanked) by thingswithwings
You and I (Tomboy) by Jarrow
Final Round (Pariah) by anoel
Like You And Me (Paris is Burning) by Imaginary Circus (or on Tumblr here)
Queen Bitch (Hedwig and the Angry Inch) by Laura Shapiro

Playlist 8: Magical Girls: Sparkles and Subversion (or: morally ambiguous dark-haired girls and the pink-haired girls who love them) (curated by oyceter)
Magical Girls Take a Stand (multi-fandom) by Hika Yagami
Red Star (Sailor Moon) by Moezy-chan
The Utena Symphony, Part II Rosa Infinita (Revolutionary Girl Utena) by WUNETTI Productions
Devil’s Game 2.0 (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) by Chiikaboom
Hold Me Now (Princess Tutu) by Tidirium Studio
and more commentary from the curator

Playlist 9: What Women Want: Control, Agency and Desire in SFF (curated by bookgazing)
Alison Argent: Like a Bullet Train (Teen Wolf) by Maarion03
The Boy with the Bubblegun (The Hunger Games) by bironic
Freedom at 21 (The White Queen) by obsessive24
Close to Home (Orphan Black) by shinyjenni
Keep the Streets Empty For Me (Twilight) by chaila
Legend of a Cowgirl (Firefly) by shati
Who Run the World? (Once Upon a Time) by trydelusion

Playlist 10: Sing Along with Me (curated by metatxt)
9 to 5 (Lego Star Wars) by eruthros
Radioactive (the Wizard of Oz/Wicked) by chaila
Don’t Stop Believin’ (Star Trek XI) by arefadedaway [no longer online]
Can’t Touch This (Pushing Daisies) by bitter-crimson
Party in the Midlands (Legend of the Seeker) by milly
Closer (Once Upon a Time) by notpiecebypiece
You (Glee / Multifandom) by lola
Space Girl (Multifandom) by charmax
Oh Internet (multi-viddom) by cyborganize
Tik Tok (Star Trek TOS) by misssheenie
Counting Stars (Wonder Woman) by beccatoria
Starships (Multifandom) by bironic

Vidders or curators, if you want me to use a different link or different name or anything, just let me know.

Thanks everyone from me and [personal profile] metatxt, until next year!

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Date: 2014-05-29 08:28 pm (UTC)
kiki_miserychic: A Dinosaur and Kate Spade Shoes Fairytale (Default)
From: [personal profile] kiki_miserychic
Thank you for being awesome!

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Date: 2014-06-01 01:45 am (UTC)
jesse_the_k: mirror reflection of 1/3 of my head, creating a central third eye, a heart shaped face, and a super-pucker mouth (JK 57 oh really?)
From: [personal profile] jesse_the_k

Because I'd seen vids with — at most — one other person it blew my mind to be in a room full of enthusiastic SFF fans bouncing along to the music. I pooped out before the official sing-a-long portion but the positive energy, when combined with 100% subtitles, makes for a sing-a=long atmosphere always.

YOUR HARD WORK IS AWESOME! Thank you thank you thank you.


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